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Some rappers have died in the trenches. They were respected in their neighborhoods for their music and how they held it down. What stood out to me about one of them was a video I saw on Instagram. The first bit of money that he made, he shared with the crew that ran with him. He had the mentality that when he eats, everybody eats. I mean, shouldn't we all have that mentality?
When you finally win the lottery like you've been planning to, or you come up with whatever your passion is, I'm sure you have plans to help your kinfolk. You and the crew are going to roll up in the nicest fit, nicest car, ready to celebrate together in the goodness of being rich.
So we as Christians should want to do our part in making sure our people don't miss out on Christ. Hey, if I know of the goodness of God, we are all gonna know about the goodness of God. Someone put you and I on, so why would we not do the same for someone we love in our circle? I wanna see you thrive and enjoy this hope in life like I am!
We have been given this unique gift of salvation (the lottery truly) that we are called to share with others. There is plenty to go around. We should want to see our people know what it feels like to be loved, be forgiven, and be saved. If I eat, we all eat. Imagine rolling with a crew who has God in their heart, all thriving in their purpose with a different glow. You would ooze Jesus! People would wonder what's different about you. Why you love so hard. How you're so confident in turmoil. There is much to celebrate there.
We challenge you to put your people on. Feed the city. Feed your people. Quench their thirst that this world will never be able to. Invite a friend to follow our Instagram and download the movement app. You can start there, and I promise God will help do the rest. Plant the seed and share with us how you've fed your circle this week.

We love and miss you all!
Jesse and Marissa

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