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Partner workout! Encourage your spouse, friend, workout partner to join you in on the fun!

Warm Up (8 Minutes)
Complete this entire warm up with nasal breathing only. If you begin breathing through your mouth, you are going to fast.
Run 1/2 Mile
Core (7 Minutes)
Two sets of: Tuck Hold
One set of: 100 x Elbow Jack OR Plank x 3 minutes
Two sets of: 100 x Tuck Rock
8 x Burpee
Three sets of:
10 x Banded Overhead Squat
Three sets of:
5 x TEMPO Overhead Squat/ Front Squat/ Double KB Squat/ Goblet Squat
Then complete:
50 x SIngle Arm Kettlebell Snatch OR Alternating DB Snatch x 25
Partner Workout (35 Minutes)
In teams of two:
Only one person working at a time
*Complete one full round before your teammate goes.
5 x Strict Pull Up/ Chin Above Bar Hold + Strict Pull Up/ Banded Chin Above Bar Hold + Banded Pull Up/ Jumping Chest to Bar/ Static Hang
10 x Push Up/ Negative + Knee Push Up/ Elevated Push Up/ Knee Push Up
15 x Bodyweight Squat/ Assisted Bodyweight Squat
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If you complete this, post a picture of yourself afterward and tag us with the hashtag #movementnation so we can share it! You can also attend a group workout and move together by clicking the buttons below, and look through our full workout library here.

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