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We are living in an age where individuals watch, focus, and glean from so many different things, whether it’s culture, social media, or the news. We can so easily be distracted and lose our focus as followers of Jesus. Regardless of who is President, Jesus is on the throne. As believers, we still have so much to be excited about. Please pay close attention to more than watching the news; focus on the King and His kingdom—being kingdom-minded. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating if your candidate of choice won the election, but remain focused and watch the throne.

We talked earlier this week in our weekly message about how two people can go through the same thing and experience it so differently. Some people are celebrating the election, while others are mourning. Christians are attacking other Christians when we should be showing love. We need to watch our attitudes and not just the news. Christians can have different opinions, but we need to care about how we respond to differences. So often we are divided on things that we can simply talk about. We need to learn how to have differing views from other believers without dividing the body of Christ and be biblically measured in how we respond to people, culture, and what’s happening around us.

When we watch the throne, there are great benefits. We’re able to discern what to debate and how to decide; this is how we receive the pleasure of experiencing God. When we get to experience Him, his presence is peaceful, powerful, and protective. We need peace right now, and the only way we can get that is by focusing on the throne.

In Isaiah 6:1, we’re told of the magnitude of God’s presence. This is why we should watch the throne. Isaiah doesn’t just tell of God’s position—being on the throne—but being high and lofty. When we pay attention to Him being enthroned and not your candidate of choice’s position, you won’t worry. When you understand who is on the throne we should be watching, we’re at peace! God is still enthroned, and we must understand that our vote cannot thwart God’s plan nor His sovereignty. What God wants to accomplish in humanity cannot be negated.

God’s magnitude is lofty, big, grandiose—there are no words to fully describe it. His presence covers everything we’re dealing with, past, present, and future. His presence is personal and we need to remember that. No matter who won, God is still enthroned, and His presence must be personal in our lives. Don’t get sucked into the frivolous conversations and debates, but allow God’s presence to be personal. When it is, you can experience the power, peace, and protection of God.

The more we influence ourselves with these things and watch the true throne, the Lord will influence our lives—we will experience Him by focusing on him. We desire to experience Him, his power, peace, and protection, but this can only be done by focusing on Him.

When we watch the throne, it allows us to connect to Christ. When we connect to Christ, we can connect to culture, and when we connect to culture, we can connect culture to Christ. Look at Isaiah 6:1; when we understand that God is enthroned and His presence is personal, peaceful, and protective, it becomes easy for us to move on His behalf. Isaiah responds to the Lord, “Here I am, Lord, send me,” after seeing Him.

Let us not further politicize the Gospel, but be effective and fruitful followers of Christ. Remain faithful, excited, and connected to the King of Kings and His Kingdom. We love you and have a great day!

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