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It’s time for another edition of Fitness Movement, where we bring you a weekly opportunity to workout with others because movement is life. This week, we have a full body blast circuit-workout broken into four stations, integrating movements that strengthen your entire body.

At each station, two exercises will be combined for a superset and be performed immediately, one after the other, before resting for 20 seconds and moving to the next station. After completing all the exercises at each station, repeat the whole progression 3 times to build great muscle and cardiovascular endurance.

All you’ll need for this workout are some parallel bars or a bench for dips, your running shoes, and a water bottle to stay hydrated. Let’s warm up and get to it!

Full Body Blast

To warm up, run half a mile in 6 minutes or less.

Station 1:
Push up claps: 20 reps

Jump tucks: 20 reps

Rest 20 seconds

Station 2:
Bar dips or bench dips: 20 reps

Spiderman plank: 25 reps each leg

Rest 20 seconds

Station 3:
Reverse lunge: 20 reps each leg

Squat hold: 1 minute

Rest 20 seconds

Station 4:
High knee mountain climbers: 25 reps

Flutter bicycles: 30 reps each leg

Rest 20 Seconds

Complete all 4 stations in succession 3 times.

Once you’ve completed this full body blast, be sure to cool down, stretch, and eat a nutritious meal to refuel your body (might we suggest our Fragrant Lemon-Herb Salmon?).

If you complete this, post a picture of yourself afterward and tag us @movementchurch.tv with the hashtag #movementnation so we can share it! Additionally, you can attend a group workout and move together by clicking the buttons below, and look through our full workout library here.

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