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Have you ever just had a terrible day? Only one of those days where you feel everything is going wrong, and by the end, you wish to sleep and forget about everything. When our days go that way, it had a lot to do with how our mornings started. It's the worst getting startled awake by the fact that you slept so many times, your parents are yelling to hurry up, you run out to get going with no breakfast or messy hair! No time to stop and set yourself up for success. How would your day have been better if you had taken a moment to gather yourself? When we start our morning at a slow, intentional pace, our day truly reflects that.

For our home and family, when we take time for ourselves to read the scripture and pray at the beginning of our days, we are better. When we love God first with all of our beings, we are better. Every decision we make is directed from the Scriptures and our time with God. We can be better to each other, making our family stronger because the foundation of our day is God. When we encounter hardships, we know that we have already invested in the morning's relief plan. Loving others first has to come from loving God. When we fill our cups, we can pour into others in our homes and around us. What are you doing to fill your cup with God so that you can love your family well? How are you taking care of yourself that then helps bring your family together? How are you honoring and loving your parents as head of your home as they instruct you and care for you?

This week, find a way to spend time with God and pay attention to how your day goes. Set your foundation right from the moment you wake up! Ask your family how you can develop a healthy habit of loving God together as well. Maybe it'sits turning on some worship music in the morning as you get ready or leaving notes on the fridge with prayer requests!

We want to hear about your week soon! Love yall!

Jesse and Marissa

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