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This week we’re discussing what healthy families look like according to the Word of God, and today we’re talking about spirituality, how we define it, and how our lives should be shaped by spirituality through the Holy Spirit.

If we aren’t defining spirituality by our lives being shaped by and sourced in the Holy Spirit, we’ve missed it. There’s an idea called moralistic therapeutic deism where we unconsciously embrace a non-biblical doctrine. Our lives should be shaped by the Word of God—scripture should serve as the ultimate authority for our faith and practice.

When we look at spirituality and how we define it, we encourage you to embrace a life that is sourced in and shaped by the Holy Spirit and cover this in-depth in this week’s message.

Biblicism—scripture taking place as the ultimate authority—is crucial for defining spirituality. In order to have healthy families, be passionately committed to Christ, and live morally pure and holy lives, we must permit the Holy Spirit to source and shape our lives through the Word of God. Otherwise, it’s exceedingly difficult to be patient, kind, and show the fruits of the Spirit, but when our lives are shaped by the Holy Spirit through scripture, we can.

In Ephesians 4:1, Paul says, “I implore you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called,  with all humility and gentleness, with patience, showing tolerance for one another in love.” If we want to be effective and fruitful followers of the Lord, we as believers must walk in a manner worthy of the calling which we have been called. This requires humility, gentleness, patience, and showing tolerance for one another in love. Biblicism and scripture serving as the authority for how we practice and live out our faith are crucial for us to have healthy families and be effective followers of Christ.

As followers of Christ, the spirituality we reference must be shaped by and sourced in and the Holy Spirit and scripture, empowering us to live a biblical life. Today there are numerous nuances and definitions of spirituality, including non-biblical ideologies of what spirituality is. In order to be effective, fruitful, and healthy in our families and walk with Christ. Part of this is making disciples and walking out our faith, but we can’t do this if we aren’t living biblical lives and actively obeying the Word of God.

Furthermore, we cannot be spiritual without crucicentrism—the Cross of Christ making our spiritual experience possible. There is no biblical spiritual experience without the cross of Christ. The cross of Christ is what made our reconciliation to God possible.

Biblicism and crucicentrism are key to biblical spirituality, an essential component to healthy families.

What are some ways you’ve defined or approached spirituality? Let us know in the comments.

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