Introducing Do Good Friday!

We aren’t a community of “Do Gooder’s”; we just intentionally Do Good by way of the gospel.

Do Good Friday’s is a tangible and active representation of our spiritual rhythms: Moving Up to Connect to Christ
Moving Out to Connect Culture
Moving In to Connect the Culture to Christ

Within the last few months, we are existing like never before. Things that seemed simple and routine, much like breathing, have now created a consciousness about valuing life, helping your fellow man, and not taking small things for granted.  

We know that during this time many people are experiencing hardships or need an indicator that God is still near. So we’re taking our regular advent centered “Do Good Friday” and integrating into a weekly practice. Doing good is a practice of good stewardship and we intend to be a conduit to sharing the love of Christ by meeting the needs of those who need to experience His goodness.

How does it work?

No membership required. No matter who you are, income, where you live, creed, race, age, sex—you get it...everyone can receive a little goodness.

With Do Good Fridays we ask that you submit the name, CashApp, email, and phone number of someone who needs a little “good“ in their lives to

*If there is a specific need, you may send that as well. Submissions can be made weekly.

How you can participate in Do Good Friday:

Pray—because it is the most important thing we can do!

Pray for our community and those directly affected by COVID-19.
Pray for the healthcare workers, political leaders, and public health administrators making difficult decisions.
Pray for those who are being financially impacted.
Pray for those struggling with depression or are prone to anxiety.

Act—be the hands and feet of Jesus.

During this time, we strongly encourage everyone to follow state and local guidance and the guidelines set by the CDC. With that in mind, here are some ways you can be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Grocery shop for an elderly neighbor or friend with compromised immunity. Not only will you be bringing them food, but you may also be the only person they see all day and can bring them great joy in doing so.

Reach out to friends who you know struggle with depression or are prone to anxiety. Deliver food and needed items to them, or just share an encouraging word.

Text a stressed parent. Better yet, offer to FaceTime with their rowdy kids. Somewhere between cabin fever and homeschooling, your parent friends could use a break. Even if it’s just five minutes of alone time.

Send letters to a nursing home. For those in assisted living facilities, isolation can feel overwhelming. Contact homes in your area to find out how you can be a positive pen pal for a senior in need.

Write a positive review of a local business. Local businesses are working harder than ever to stay afloat. Aside from shopping locally, give them positive write-ups to encourage others to shop there too.

Pay for someone in a drive-thru. Paying for a friend is kind. Paying for someone you don’t know takes kindness to a new level. Plus, it’s an easy, inspiring action for the recipient to repeat.

Thank a teacher, caregiver, or other essential workers. Know any teachers, nurses, or grocery store workers? Send them an email, card, or even a simple text to enliven their spirit and offer words of encouragement.

Deliver your garden goods. Whether you grow tomatoes or flowers, gifting neighbors with your garden fare can offer them healthy snacks or simply something pretty to look at.

Clean your closet and donate. Clearing your closet of old clothes can be cathartic, especially when you’re stuck at home, and giving them away can really bless somebody else. Bag up your castoffs and drop them in a donation bin for someone who truly needs them.

Organize a drive-by celebration. Drive-by birthday parties may be all the rage, but who says you need a reason to celebrate? Organize a “honk-by” for someone feeling isolated, or simply stop by to wave at a friend you miss.

Offer your services to neighbors. From yard work to dog walking and grocery shopping, there are many ways to offer a helping hand. And with ample time, there’s no better way to use it.

Share good news on your social media channel. The negative news loop is terrible for morale. Be the change by posting positive messages, from quotes of encouragement to dopey cat videos — both are sure to be shared and enjoyed.

Give—be generous, especially to those whose livelihoods have been impacted.

As events are canceled and social distancing is encouraged, the financial impact may become overwhelming. Think of someone in your circle who may be struggling and pay a utility bill for them, buy their groceries, or find another way to help. It is through the generosity of our community, especially during this season, that we are able to continue to serve our cities and our nation.


Online at
Text “MOVE” to 1-888-364-GIVE (4483)
Cashapp $MovementIsLife
Through the “Give” icon on the Movement Nation app.

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