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Hey Movement Students !

Jesse and Marissa here, missing you guys so much! We are gonna get real today, transparent, deep... Marissa has an issue. Yes, and it's a big one. You ready? She has a dairy problem. She is fascinated with cheese, and her body doesn't process it healthily. It makes her sick, it triggers her sinus problems, and she's just not healthy because of it. Even if it's just a little, her health won't be in a better place until she only rids herself of dairy. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL, YALL!

Just like Marissa's dairy problem, when we are impure inside, it affects our whole life. You can't function the way God intended. When we are so full of stuff that makes us so gross inside, how can we function properly? You drag, you hurt, your thoughts are clouded because you've made choices that just don't align with the design laid out for you. WOW. Who knew cheese could speak to us like this! When Marissa pursues pleasure like eating a cheeseboard with 5 different kinds of cheese instead of the things that will be better in the long run like hummus, veggies, and nuts, she pays the price.

Too many of us can turn too quickly, just like Marissa is guilty of. We all have immoralities like doing things for fame, flexing on the gram, trying to fit in the world, and being swayed easily to the things of the world. These things that keep us from being slime with God just weigh us down. What are some things in your life that you need to get rid of to focus clearly on the things of God? How can your family encourage each other to live a Christlike lifestyle? We are all struggling and need to encourage each other in this walk. Pray for ya girl and that she will try some vegan cheese! We will be praying for you as well!

Love, Jess, and Marissa
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