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Last week we brought you our killer lower body blitz workout, now we have it’s other half: the upper body blitz. It’s short and sweet but will get your upper body up strong and mobile. Get some water a jump rope, and let’s get to work!

150 jump ropes and 250 high knee jump ropes (125 each leg)

Pull-ups or assisted pull up machine: as many reps as possible
Side plank rotations: 20 reps
Push up claps: 15 reps
High bridge low bridge tuck-ins: 20 reps
Push up toe touches: 15 reps
1/2 bicycle crunches: 25 reps each leg
Crisscross tuck-ins: 50 reps
Seated clocks: 20 reps each direction.

Complete 3 rounds of this circuit.

This workout is sure to build up your upper body strength and endurance. Pairing this with last week’s lower body blitz will provide you an excellent full-body workout to keep you moving and growing stronger.

If you complete this, post a picture of yourself afterward and tag us (@movementchurch.tv) so we can share it! You can also attend a group workout and move together by clicking the buttons below.

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