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What's up, y'all! We hope you're having a great week! Let's talk about shoes. You know we gotta have the most fire fit. Gotta have the shoes to go with each fit too. One of the most popular shoes these days are Yeezies. People will pay crazy money and go out of their way for a pair of these. You have to keep an eye out for the drop, make sure you have the time right, see what other shoes are coming after, and get your coins in order! Often you see videos of people with multiple screens open just to try and get a pair only to encounter them being sold out INSTANTLY! So much effort and sacrifice go into grabbing a pair of these shoes! When you're in the shoe game, you have to be committed to being a sneakerhead. Without commitment, you will never see the fruit!

Honestly, we do the most! For the things that will temporarily make us feel good—the things that will make us look good on the gram—we do the most. Can we say we do the most when it comes to Jesus? WHOA, called out! Do we do the most when it comes to Jesus? We previously talked about suffering well—making the most out of the season as we endure a trial. Now even in the good or when making things better, are you making sacrifices to passionately commit to Christ just as we commit to the things of this world? God calls us to have a relationship with Him. He wants us to do our research and get to know His word. He wants us to keep an eye out for the next drop, letting us know about serving opportunities or giving opportunities. He wants your commitment just as you've freely given it to the world. We stand behind the work on the cross, His sacrifice to us. What will you do to honor that?

Today we pose a few questions: are you passionately committed to Christ and bearing fruit? What are you sacrificing for, and do you think it's worth it? What is the fruit from the things you have been sacrificing for in the world? If all you can say is you have many likes, it's time to reconsider those sacrifices. As a family, what have you been sacrificing for? Is it the Kingdom or the world? We hope you have some great conversations that stir something in your heart to pursue Jesus more passionately, and we can't wait to talk about it with you on Zoom this Sunday at 6pm.

Love, Jesse and Marissa

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