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Hey friends!

What if we told you that the hard times and suffering will bring about genuine faith? Something that has really stuck with us from Pastor Dre's sermons has been "If you’re going to suffer, suffer well." Don't let your depression, anxiety, heartbreak, and sadness be for nothing. The bible tells us to rejoice and be glad, but clearly, you are having the thought that many of us have had: how can I be happy in times when I feel shattered?

Let's look around us. There is plenty of suffering happening amongst us now. Breonna Taylor. George Floyd. Elijah McClain. There is so much suffering, trauma, and pain. Where is the joy? The joy is in knowing that God has a plan and that our suffering serves a purpose. God calls us to rejoice and be glad. Without these moments in time, we would not have seen people unite for black lives as hard as they have. Yes, we still have work to do, but what a beautiful start. Without Covid-19 we would not have noticed the value of our friends and family or that we suffer sometimes from loneliness, pressure, and anxiety. Through our suffering, we find ourselves seeking God more. We see mountains are being moved, lives changed, voices heard, and get glimpses of God moving in our lives.

We have to work through the pain and just because we do it doesn’t mean we aren’t broken. You’re allowed to feel all of your feelings, but we can’t stay there and make that suffering our focus. Our God is bigger than or problems and has a purposeful plan for your pain. The question is will you stay in your sorrow and let it devour you or will you stand up, start a movement, heal in time, and have faith. When you rejoice through it, you are trusting God to work in your life. He has a plan for every path He leads you down.

Do you recall a time that you found joy in your pain? What helped you endure the pain? Have you ever faced a fiery trial as a family and how did you overcome together? Talk about it as a family and talk about ways you best find joy in your suffering.

We cant wait to see you on Instagram Live this coming Monday. Let's talk about it!

We love and miss you!
-Jesse and Marissa

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