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Movement Nation!

We’ve loved connecting with you all at the boot camps and moving together. This week’s fitness movement is a great full-body workout that will have you running and jumping with a killer ab circuit at the end.

Run: ½ mile jog
Alternating lunges: 15 reps each side

Work out:
Push-ups: 15 reps
Side plank rotations: 20 reps each side
Sprints: 50 yards (4)x
Jump tucks: 20 reps

Hardcore ab circuit:
Around the world crunches: 20 reps each direction
Frog crunches: 20 reps
Jack-knifes: 20 reps each leg

Complete 2 rounds of this circuit.

Whew! This is a good one. If you complete this workout, post a picture of yourself afterward and tag us (@movementchurch.tv) so we can share it! You can also attend a group workout and move together by clicking the buttons below.

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