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This Sunday, we discussed going with what we have. In continuation, we want to address how many times in our lives, despite having experienced success in our jobs, marriages, and more, we still may feel tired, and as though we’re inadequate.

In Mark 9:21-24, we see the father of a boy plighted with demonic oppression saying to the Lord, “I believe, help my unbelief.” This brings out the essential element of Christian faith: anything is possible, but only with the help of the One—the Overcomer. Sometimes, however, we lose focus on Christ and begin to trust more in who He called us to be, instead of who He is.

In the scripture, the boy’s father is facing an insurmountable obstacle and realizes that his son’s freedom is only possible through Jesus. “Lord, I’m inadequate—I can't do this without you. I believe, Lord, but help my unbelief.”

We know 2020 has been a wild year, and many of us are navigating the challenges that have arisen. Do you sometimes feel inadequate? How are you dealing with the challenges this year has brought? Let us know in the comments, we'd love to come alongside you.

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