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Today, Youtube reaches more consumers between 18 and 49 than any cable network in the United States. It ranks as the second most popular search engine on the internet behind Alphabet's Google search engine. Youtube users are incredibly active and engaged. Collectively, they watch more than 4 billion videos per day, and individually they spend an average of 40 minutes on Youtube during each viewing session. The combined meteoric rise of video content and Youtube's dominance has turned Youtube into one of the world's top three digital marketing channels.

I want to personally invite you to subscribe to the Movement Church Networks YouTube channel. This is the place where we are moving. We have all types of content for whatever you are experiencing in your life, and it will be updated weekly. So we are so excited when you like it, share, and when you subscribe to our channel, you will be the first to know when, where, and how God is moving. We are so excited that you are getting you live moving in the Christ direction, and we want to know about it. Please, if you have a story of God moving in your life, write us at mystory@movementchurch.tv, and if this ministry has impacted you in any kind of way and you would like to give, go to movement church.tv On behalf of the Movement Church Network, my wife, Pastor Shawn, our leadership team, and my three children, we want to say...Keep It Moving…Because Movement Is Life!
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