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We’ve had some great conversations with you this week on how to better connect with God and experience Christ. We want to continue this conversation and ask, "How can we better connect to Christ as we are seeking spiritual direction and formation?" Here are some great starting points:

1. Find space. This doesn’t have to be anything specific, other than it is yours.
2. Notice yourself within that space—notice your surroundings.
3. Be sensing and sensitive. What patterns do you see in yourself and those around you? Are you or those around you often busy, but not productive? Do you have the desire to create but never can?

This recognition of patterns is a great way to connect with God, and allow Him to show you how He is moving in your life. Perhaps it’s recognizing His provision, revealing who you really are in His eyes, or moving things out of your way. Where and how have you seen the Lord moving?

We are typically aware on the surface of what’s going on—people passing by, hearing and seeing things, even somebody’s temperament—but there is a deeper and lower level of awareness we are inviting you to tap into. These exercises are going to be deeply personal for each of you but will allow you to see the lower, deeper layers of where God is moving in your life.

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