Are You Content With The Content?

What up Movement Students!

Jesse and Marissa, bringing you this week's pandemic hurricane student blog! What?!

Amid all the craziness that 2020 brings, the rest of the world doesn't stop to be so kind either. We frequently hear that we aren't good enough, that we don't look cool enough, that we don't fit in. Now you may think, "Sis, when did someone say that to me?!" Well, it may not be in your dm's, but the advertisements you scroll say it loud and clear. We are urged to consume the next big thing making us believe that we are not enough to keep up.

The world throws so many lies at us daily, but the Bible tells us otherwise. Come thru scripture! It says that with little or a lot, we can get through with God giving us strength! It says that he finds us to be enough, worthy, valuable, desirable, needed, wanted, lovely, and much more, with or without the freshest kicks.

So, how can we find contentment with this truth in mind? Just as we actively invest time into our basketball skills, tik tok dances, art, Netflix binging, let's invest time into learning to be satisfied in Him. It all takes time and effort. What does it look like for you to have discipline and self-control to make time for this? Less Netflix and more reading scripture? Less talking about crushes and more talking about Christ? Less flexing on the gram and more quiet time and worship? This week we challenge you and your family to make a "Jesus Did It" list; write down all the things He's done, all that he's provided, and we are sure that your mindset will change!

We want to hear about your list, which tbh should be pretty long! Also, add what's keeping you from being content. We have to know what's hindering us so we can move past it! Could you share on your insta stories and tag us? We love you all!

-Jesse and Marissa

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