Movement Students | August 13th, 2020

Hey friends!!

What’s the craziest thing you would for a million dollars? Fight a bear? Jump out of an airplane? Do something crazy on social media? That was the question we posed to the students this week. What are a million dollars even worth? Think about all the insane ideas you may have had. Now think about how long that million will last. We know that money will come and go, but the Bible tells us that there is an enormous wealth that you can gain in Jesus. When we run after the things of this world, we run further from the things of God. Often, we can become entangled. In the dual lifestyle between God and the world. Let’s continue to be thankful for what we have and look to share it with others before desiring more. How have you been able to share the wealth you already have this week with someone else? Parents, what can you commit to doing as a family to bless others more consistently? Please share your ideas with us on Instagram! We can’t wait to hear from you this week on our zoom call!

Jesse and Marissa

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