Movement Students | August 7th, 2020

Hey, Movement Students!

Back at it again with another update! First off, we have been loving the conversations on zoom, having fun on Instagram live, and seeing your commitment to God grow weekly! Keep it up! This week we talked about simplifying our clothes and life. We know that it requires us to trust God with everything. Period. Way easier to say than do, we totally get you! We encourage you to go back and read the scripture from Genesis 3:7-10. What a beautiful life it would be if we tried to live it how God originally intended. Go about your day totally trusting that He will provide for every need you encounter. What a weight off of your shoulders to not have to have it all together! Who has it all together anyway?! We also are reminded that if he provides for the birds, why wouldn't he hook us up too? This week's challenge was to trust God for something, and whether you saw that something show up or not, what was the change in your week from just having that weight off of you and in God's hands. Parents, ask your student what they trusted God for. What can your family trust God for in your home? Let's pray big and pray now! We can't wait to hear about your week on this Sundays Zoom hang! See you then!

-Jesse and Marissa

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