Simplicity of Clothing

After the redundancy, waste, and vanity of modern fashion is an ancient biblical story in which clothing is a response to sin and shame (Genesis 3:7-10).

Throughout the Scriptures, Jesus and the writers of the Bible encourage us to live and dress modestly and not to impress others or show off our wealth. Instead, we ought to concern ourselves with God's things, not worrying about what we will wear.

This is greatly easier said than done. Most of us have an affectionate relationship with our clothing and how it impacts the way people judge or perceive us. As a result, many, if not all, have acquired far more in our closets than we need.

While there is unquestionably nothing wrong with personal style and expression, for many of us, clothing and excess are inextricably tied. As with simplicity in other areas, we are paring down our wardrobe to that which we love allows us to think less about what we are going to wear and more about the things that matter most to us.
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