Movement Students | August 1st, 2020

Hey friends!
Jesse and Marissa here coming at you with your weekly Movement Students update! This week we talked about pure speech and heart change. If you have ever watched Ironman, you know he has an arc reactor in his chest. That is pretty much why he is Ironman! Nevertheless, before Ironman, he was Tony Stark. Billionaire Playboy as he would put it. He was Insanely rich, a womanizer, a considerable drinker, and used his genius to facilitate weapons for profit and war. His heart was definitely into the things of this world. It was not until he was attacked, kidnapped, and forced to put the arc reactor in his chest to stay alive that he began to change. He saw that all his actions had caused pain and destruction to this world. Soon he became a protector. He stopped production on all weapons and pretty much crashed his own business. He focused more on his relationship with his future wife pepper, and he used his wealth and genius to better the world. He became a superhero. Ironman. Wow, who's looking for an Iron man heart change moment? WE ARE! So often, we are self-destructive when we say harsh things or have our eyes on the things of this world, but we can also destroy and hurt our lives. When we seek a relationship with him and simplify our speech and heart, we have a more rewarding outcome! In Luke 6:45, Jesus tells us that from the good of our hearts, we will bring out the good, and from the evil, in our hearts, we will bring out evil. Let's choose right together today! What are some heart changes you, friends, parents, and students, might need to make today? As a family, what are some ways we can speak more like Jesus to each other? What are some values we can put in place that will change our family unit's heart and drive? We can't wait to hear what you have come up with this Sunday on Zoom! See you then!

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