Simple Speech

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Have you ever spoken words that you wished you could retract?
Have you ever lashed out in anger? Spoken words of harsh criticism out of bitterness or a spirit of revenge? Prideful terms of Strife and Contention?

Belittled, demeaned, or lied about someone? Only to think about it later on and say, “I wish I’d never said that!” “I wish I could have those words back.” “I can’t believe I said that.” “Man, why did I say that!?”

Maybe the more important question is – Did you learn anything from that, Did you take something profitable from experience? One thing we ought to learn is that our words are a revelation of who we are. This week we explore the ancient Christian practice of simplicity of speech, a disciplined attempt to talk like Jesus. And not talk like Jesus. To become aware of all the ways we utilize expression to manipulate people to do or think what we want them to do or think. By learning to embrace silence, we deepen our confidence in God.
-Pastor Dre Burgs
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