Introducing Movement Students

Introducing Movement Student Leads!

Hey yall!  Our names are Jesse and Marissa Martinez, and we are so excited to be leading Movement Students. We are newlyweds, both Paraprofessionals in Alief ISD, and truly enjoy the opportunity to love students well. Every week we get together virtually and talk about the realities, struggles, and joys of living a Christ-centered life as a young person. We all know it's not an easy road, so we want to encourage that doing it in a community helps us make it through and truly how it was designed to be. We meet Sunday at 1 pm for a podcast party, Sunday at 6 pm to talk it over via Zoom, and Monday on Instagram LIVE at 7 pm to answer any questions and set our purpose for the week! We are pumped about getting to walk alongside our students in this crazy amazing relationship that God has called us. We will be catching up with you here every week and sharing the latest Movement Students updates. We are currently focusing on our students on making Christ a priority in our lives rather than someone we squeeze into our schedules. Parents, young friends, how are you making Him a priority in your everyday life? How is your family setting intentional time together to make this a reality? We'd love to hear from you on our Instagram! #WeAreMovementStudents 

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