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We continue our examination of the practice of simplicity with what previous followers of Jesus called “simplicity of heart.” It’s not enough to simplify our possessions, we must simplify around something (or someone). And what you center your life on will define whom you become, for better or worse.

Many of us have an ambiguous idea of what values make up our center, but it might be difficult to put your finger on it or verbalize your values. Or, more than that, there may be some space between what you value in theory and what your life demonstrates you value (through how you spend your time, your money, or your energy). That kind of dis-integration can leave us feeling torn, tense, and tired.

Without intention, paring things down may feel random and even a bit senseless. It is not enough to just minimize our home or schedule; we have to simplify around something. So, we must ask what we prioritize. Or put another way: What do we value? In this week's message, we spend some time identifying our guiding values for living, as well as whether there are any values, we hold dear but by which we do not currently live. As we move forward, we “Simplify around our values.

Pastor Dre Burgs

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