Dualistic Materialism | PastorChat
August 11th, 2020
As we continue implementing the principles of Jesus and move from complexity to simplicity, we are moving towards divorcing materialism. In doing so, we will no longer find our success and happiness i...  Read More
by Movement Media
Divorcing Materialism | Pastor Dre Burgs
August 8th, 2020
After laying the foundation for the practice of simplicity, we move on to take materialism head-on. Materialism can influence life satisfaction both positively and negatively. The more you get, the mo...  Read More
by Movement Media
Movement Students | August 7th, 2020
August 7th, 2020
Hey, Movement Students!Back at it again with another update! First off, we have been loving the conversations on zoom, having fun on Instagram live, and seeing your commitment to God grow weekly! Keep...  Read More
by Movement Media
Don’t Let the Hangers Be the Hang Up | PastorChat
August 6th, 2020
Values are the things we fight for and cherish—our non-negotiables. So often, we get hung up by overvaluing our clothes and start to hide behind them, just like Adam in the garden. How attached are yo...  Read More
by Movement Media
Stay Fly | PastorChat
August 5th, 2020
We spend so much of our time and money focusing on staying fly–copping the latest sneaker drop, having the freshest fit, whatever it may be. While these aren’t bad things, how our heart moves is how o...  Read More
by Movement Media
Movement Students | August 1st, 2020
August 2nd, 2020
Hey friends!Jesse and Marissa here coming at you with your weekly Movement Students update! This week we talked about pure speech and heart change. If you have ever watched Ironman, you know he has an...  Read More
by Asher Segelken



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