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Movement Church Network is a missional movement – people, joined by the gospel, drawn together into the mission of Jesus Christ by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.  Led by Dre + Shawn Burgs, we are much more than a church to attend, but a movement centered on the person and mission of Jesus Christ.  We love Jesus, God’s Word, and each other.  We're taking Jesus' revolutionary message of grace, truth, and compassion to the culture.  Church Has Left The Building!


Convictions + beliefs that drive Movement Church Network.


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Hear from Shawn , Dre, and our leadership team about Movement Nation's updates.

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Watch Parties

Wednesdays 7pm (CT)
Saturdays 7pm (CT)
Sunday 9am, 11am, & 1pm (CT)


Inspirational messages are available on the Movement Nation  app, Watch. Movement Church.TV, and YouTube.

Grow your faith. No matter where you are.

If you believe that your Christianity is missing something, we suggest joining other Jesus followers that are making disciples and are on mission.  
Jesus is alive and wants to transform your life and city!


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